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I’ve been very intentional about offering the briefest lovenotes in these last 3 months, full of joy and resources and light, so that our energetic exchanges can be kind and sweet oases.

This is a longer sharing, after 13 weeks of sheltering, witnessing, and contemplation.  Here are 3 idea seeds I’d like to plant before offering some helpful questions in response to our dynamic, changing times….


I’ve been quilting for 30ish years, and I love creating – whether that’s a healing practice for our community, or a quilt from many fabrics to keep a refugee warm on arrival here.  Quilting is rich with metaphor and meaning, and I’ve been reflecting on how important every single piece in a quilt is.  If 100 folks get together to make a collective quilt and we are each responsible for a square, we can make something so beautiful and meaningful.  If even 7 of our 100 quilters get discouraged, disillusioned, or feel like making a quilt is ‘just too darn complicated’ and that their one little piece missing is no big deal…well, we’d get a quilt with significant missing pieces, unable to keep a loved one warm.


I want to be very, very clear – I am not offering that we are collectively going down like the Titanic, but I do want to name that we might feel like we’re on a sinking ship, with the lifeboats gone and the waters rising in an endless dark sea.  I’ve been ruminating on how, in my best imaginings, I’d hope that if I had been on that sinking ship with no rescue or hope in sight, I’d have rapidly accepted what is so…and moved immediately to show up in love with my final moments.  Maybe a warm quilt wrapped around a shivering shoulder, a genuine heart smile from across the open deck, maybe a word of encouragement as someone sits with their fear.  I’d hope, in my last few minutes, that I’d be generous, and kind.  That’s good information.


The concept of the fulcrum and the lever says that the most efficient use of energy is to apply the smallest possible force at the most skillful leveraging place to achieve maximum results.  I’m not finding myself asking ‘what’s the one big lever that ‘fixes’ all of the complexity we’re in, but instead ‘what is my own most effective, personal lever that I can offer?’  some of us may want to bring positive leverage to racial equity, environmental sustainability, ethical treatment of animals, or any one of countless places welcoming more light.  If we all have one most potent place we’re passionate about leveraging our energies and life force, it is skillful and focused application of our energies that achieve maximum result.


I’d like to offer some inquiries for contemplation as a vibrational helping tool to weave these ideas together, reduce overwhelm, and support love, joy, and service.  Here are some interesting questions you might ask yourself at this time, especially if you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or like your own little voice is too small to be heard in the cacophony of our times, or you’re not sure where to start:

  • What is my one little quilt piece that I can bring to the collective quilt that offers safety and warmth right now?
  • If I felt like I was on a sinking ship and had no hope of rescue, what would my most important actions be, with minutes left to me?  Is my life aligned with the action I’d choose?
  • Where is my heart called most to service right now (outrage or hurt might be good compasses), and how can I most effectively leverage my time and life force there, long term?

Whatever is your passion and calling, whatever is your skill set, however you can help and stretch and show up while still taking care of yourself and tending what you need to…perhaps that is the way out and through for all of us.  More soon…

Love you,



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