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“It’s no irony that both ANNA and LOVE are 4 letter words. Anna Dorian is absolutely wonderful. She exudes immense love, wisdom, enthusiasm and expertise. And she’s fun! I’ve attended Anna’s monthly shamanic workshops multiple times over several years as well as a few of her other demos. I always appreciate her wit and the grounded, safe, and welcoming atmosphere that she creates both for new comers and returning students. If you’re new to shamanism or reiki, Anna has a really practical way of talking about the work and making it feel safe and comfortable. If you’ve studied previously, you’ll still benefit and find her engaging. I’ve also had the opportunity to chat with her about her extensive background studying shamanism, reiki and other healing modalities. She’s truly walked the walk on her own healing journey and is a product of her work. She brings tremendous integrity to her work. She’s also created a low fee Reiki clinic because she believes in the work so much. I look forward to studying more with Anna. It’s no wonder that she has built such a tremendous following. Thanks so much for all that you do!”

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