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“I found my home here in the Bay Area, thousands of miles away from my long time home on the East Coast, when I became a student of Anna’s Shaman’s Way. Divine mystery/help/grace led me to Group Otter in the Shaman’s Way and there I found friendship, sisterhood, belonging, and love. I learned that creating peace and beauty in the world is possible, and that healing happens when a community comes together with the intention of love, forgiveness, openness, and desire to heal self/others.

Anna has a remarkable way of holding space and encouraging her students to find their inner strength and wisdom. She empowers her students to follow their own spiritual path, listen to their guides and inner voice, and discover unique/personalized ways of being and working in the world. She is a compassionate teacher, fierce advocate, and caring guide for all her students. I feel honored and blessed to have studied shamanism with her and with my Group Otter family and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience of healing work, Reiki, Shamanism, and community building she offers. It will most likely change you and fill you with more light, empowerment, gratitude, spiritual well-being, and love.”

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