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“I just received my Reiki I attunement from Anna Dorian. She had brought a Reiki workshop to my job, and I was inspired to continue studying with her. Anna springboards from her solid scientific background into a broad healing knowledge base, fortified by an impressive CV of Reiki and shamanic accomplishments. But forget all that: Anna is magical! She obviously loves her work and has committed her life to being of service. She is warm, funny, real, and down to earth. I am pleasantly surprised at all the learning and gifts I have received from her without having to suffer through the typical instructor’s ego-guru-ness. Anna creates a safe space for group fumbling, experimentation, and unexpected emotions. In 16 hours, I have met my new teacher and bonded with 5 group mates who are now my Reiki friends. I look forward to joining Anna at her shamanic circle and moving through many more Reiki levels with her. Thank you, Anna, for being the exactly right teacher at the exactly right time.”

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