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“There are so many wonderful things to say about Vibrant Reiki, I don’t know where to begin. While I have practiced Reiki for years for friends and family, I went to Vibrant Reiki to complete my Master level training. Anna’s teaching style is very playful and fun, and still jam packed full of valuable information and lots of structured and supported practice time, gleaned from her years of experience. She really applies and addresses all of the wonders and potential bumps along the road of Reiki helping students to feel deeply empowered and supported. Undoubtedly she has lead many groups and has mastered the art of balancing the deeply transformative work of reiki with the more joyful and light playful side… always remaining in flow and responding to the unique needs of the group… much like Reiki itself! She clearly has a deep respect, rapport, and love for her students, creating a learning environment which is not only easy and welcoming, but deeply moving.  I highly recommend her as a teacher, whether you are completely new to Reiki and interested in self-healing or are wanting to add skill to your already established practice. You will be satisfied beyond your expectations.”

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