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“Being part of Group Otter in the Shaman’s Way training has been one of the biggest blessings of my entire life! Even though I’ve always been drawn to spiritual practices, I never thought I would have access to this deep and ancient tradition. Now, after recently ending the 16 months in the wheel, I literally cannot imagine my life without shamanism, which felt to me like a sweet homecoming, a deep remembering of ways of knowing that I didn’t know how to access but perhaps intuitively always felt were there. The experiences I’ve had in The Shaman’s Way have helped me feel so much more connected to myself, my ancestors, humanity and the planet. It’s as if I now have the tools to access the world through a different dimension, one through which everything feels so much sweeter, more magical and full of hope. At the same time, it’s also a perspective that’s deeply grounded in truth. Doing this work together in a community of chosen family was another unbelievable sweetness – these are people I will know and love for the rest of my life!

I am also utterly and immensely grateful to Anna for birthing this training into being. I cannot imagine how I could have learned these ancient practices and deep life lessons with anyone but Anna – she is TRULY MAGIC! I have never met anyone else who embodies radiance on a daily basis and literally exudes unconditional love. When you’re in her presence you immediately feel seen, loved and valued. The depth of her empathy, vulnerability and integrity, as well as her joyful sense of play are such incredible qualities as a teacher. In addition, she is brilliantly smart, an incredible facilitator, highly intuitive and hugely skilled in her practice. She is, without a doubt, THE best teacher I’ve had in my entire life.

I am SO grateful this training and Vibrant Reiki exist in the world – I truly believe this work is the highest realization of what is needed for healing on planet Earth right now!”

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