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“I was recently welcomed to circle with Anna Dorian again, to delve deeper into the Loving mystery of Reiki. Every occasion I’ve had sharing space and time with her being (and the many kindred spirits that are piqued by her way with this work) has brought blessing and expansion. I’ve learned (live, and share) that healing may be messy, but it is also profoundly beautiful and inevitably, replenishing. Anna’s business is aptly named, as she lives her work Vibrantly; her teaching style exudes warmth and joy, with deep respect and compassion for Self and Other.
It takes unique courage for us humans of this time, to embrace the tremendous potential of our Selves in union with the greater mystery of Life- to explore the silly, share our stories, seek Connection, live Spiritedly… if You, person out there, are interested, Anna and the Community she is within offers a Delightful place to begin your journey.

May you live in harmony and be blessed!”

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