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“Could I love Vibrant Reiki more? Possibly if it was drizzled in chocolate. But sometimes there even IS chocolate here! This is an amazing place. Great, warm energy in a cool location. (I often get a yearning for some good pho ga after a Reiki session and all I have to do is walk two blocks down Clement!) Everyone I’ve met through VR has been compassionate, friendly, and genuine. Whether you are getting a private session with Anna, or coming to the $20 Reiki Clinic with our many practitioners, or joining in community at the Reiki Shares or Shaman Circles, you will leave feeling light and happy. Anna is an incredible lightworker, and she draws like-minded people from all over. I am happy to have found this place on Meetup one bored afternoon.. It has definitely changed my life, and provided a community of learning and growth and friendship to help me settle in to a new city. Need I recommend it further? Go on and visit already!”

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