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“Let me begin by just saying: Anna Dorian is better than perfect. I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers in my life, but Anna is very special– *fully* present and aware, fully connected to each and every member of the group, so generous, loving, in full integrity, fierce, hilarious, goofy, and truly gifted as a teacher and a practitioner. She and the Reiki III/Shinpiden group invited me into their circle as one of their own, and I am forever grateful for the transformation and the deepening Anna has facilitated. The weekend was absolutely packed with incredible knowledge, experience, love, and pure magic. As soon as I walked through the door, I was swept up into the most validating, unconditional hug I’ve received in a long time (if ever!) and I knew I was home. Anna sees you and WANTS to see you.

As a teacher, these words of recommendation will just keep falling short. Anna has brought Reiki back to life for me in such a vibrant way– she lives up to and goes beyond anything you are reading here can convey. My healing toolbox is seriously brimming with treasure. Just trust me– go learn with her. You will be changed for the highest good.”

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