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“I love you vibrant reiki, let me count the ways!!
1. you introduced me to the magic of reiki at the low cost and magical reiki clinic!!
2. you attuned me to reiki through a magical process, continuing to fill my life with growth, exploration and joy.
3. you taught me about having proper boundaries and standing ground.
4. you’ve welcomed me into the Reiki clinic as a practitioner and given me the wonderful warm experience of sharing Reiki with the community and other practitioners.
5. you’ve brought me good friends and many smiles and giggles.
6. you’ve got those super cool round windows
7. you’ve got Anna and Ravi and all good people all around!!!
i think the experience is going to be different for everyone, but if you are curious about Reiki and have never tried it i suggest starting with a Reiki clinic appointment. its SOOO worth the small amount of cash to feel the power of Reiki magic. (and actually the ways i love vibrant Reiki are virtually countless……)”

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