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“Anna has such a wonderful soul and her Reiki practice really does show her sincere dedication in helping others receive the light of Reiki healing. My first impression of her was kind of like a faerie. She has that warm cheerful and playful aura about her. It is hard not to like who she is because she has such a warm spirit. Although I haven’t gotten an actual reiki session from Anna, I have attended her Reiki Clinic which she supervises. Before you enter the treatment room, Anna goes over the ins and outs of Reiki so that you become familiar and comfortable with how Reiki treatments work. Then immediately after the session Anna ensures that you receive a nice big hug. That’s such a wonderful bonus, especially when you really want an emotional pick me up right after the session as sometimes you do release repressed emotions during a Reiki treatment.Yet again, Anna is the best! I am still surprised at how professional and courteous she is. Vibrant Reiki is probably the absolute best place get a reiki healing done and the Reiki Clinic offers affordable treatments. Only 30 dollars! Most places will charge you around 90 dollars a session. Update: I just had my second reiki clinic treatment at Anna’s Vibrant Reiki office. Her warm spirit can be felt a mile away. That’s just how wonderful and sweet she is. Plus, she even remembered my name! How cool is that? Definitely a A+.”

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