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“Foremost, Anna is a beautiful soul and a wonderful teacher! Secondly, my hands are vibrating with Reiki love!!! Just had my attunement for Level I last weekend, and I am totally jazzed about it. I was referred to Anna by another student of hers, and I had such a great experience going through the training. Plus, we just had a wonderful group of people to share the experience with. Anna makes the process fun and engages us through different methods. She is a wonderful story teller and a Reiki Shihan. Her 10+ years of experience flow through her ease of teaching about the subject and guiding newbies on the path to Reiki love. Its incredible to think that just 6 months ago, I was still unsure and vague on what Reiki truly does, but now, I feel the universal energy running through me. It’s beautiful. This whole experience has been life altering. I highly recommend Anna Dorian! Thank you and many blessings!”

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