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“This place is really special to me. I year ago I got my Reiki I certification with Anna and I chose Vibrant Reiki because it was the only place I could find in the Bay that gave me a fun, light-hearted feeling about Reiki. So many people take it so seriously, as if energy and light work require you to be solemn and holy and whatever else you’ve seen in the movies when it comes to “alternative” healing. The last thing I wanted was for it to feel “gimmicky,” especially because I was new to the Reiki world.  Anna is authentic, and has a lot of experience to bring to the table and teaches solid Reiki classes WELL worth the money. So when I realized it was time to take my Reiki II course, I knew Vibrant Reiki was the only place I wanted to go, and I’m SO happy I did. Again, it was a fun, joyful, and profound experience. She does such an amazing job with being able to relate to, encourage, and support each student no matter what their background or personality is – and there is always quite a variety! Again, I think we need more fun and joy in the world of spirituality and intangibility. I am SO grateful to Anna for creating Vibrant Reiki!”

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