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“There are times in our life when we need the help and assistance of someone who is a healing practitioner. Not only is Anna Dorian that, but she is so much more; she is a compassionate healer, a intelligent and well-read being, thorough and meticulous, and just so lovingly hilarious – she cracks me up! Do you know many practitioners in this space who are that? I don’t! Anna is an amazing, amazing, amazing, woman/teacher/shaman who is humble, tenacious and oozes love and grace. I was honored that I got a chance to do my Reiki 3 with her! I am also studying her shamanic program and cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing her and my fellow peer group.  Both she and they bring me sisterhood, peace, and healing.

Don’t get me wrong if you sign up for the shamanic program you have to do A LOT of belief work and there are a lot of ups and downs…but there is a lot of healing and you are held in a way that no one else will ever hold you. I hands down cannot imagine doing this program that requires so much vulnerability, honesty and provides so much healing with anyone but Anna. She is a powerful and honest practitioner who throws her whole self into each session. I quite honestly don’t know how she does it sometimes (I need to pinch her next time I see her 🙂  She’s graceful, enthusiastic, and sometimes just darn magical. She is a true professional with tremendous knowledge that you will come to be grateful for. If you’re ready, well, your teacher just appeared!  🙂  Don’t think twice she’s THE best in town. Thank you Anna for all you do and everything you have taught me – I am honored to be walking this path with you as my teacher and guide.”

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