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Below are a few featured testimonials, some sourced from our 130+ five star Yelp reviews, and some from lovenotes over the years. Thanks so much, beautiful people! Vibrant Reiki is a hub of community and joyful healing because of you, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  We love you!

“Anna Dorian is an extraordinary woman who is a truly vibrant and gifted healer and teacher. She creates a very sacred and safe space for her students, as well as keeps her teaching fresh and filled with wisdom, compassion, and humor. Any student or client who finds their way to Anna will feel empowered, and be rewarded with a depth of healing and potent transformation.”

“I found Anna and Vibrant Reiki just as you may have if you’re reading this. I read many reviews for different reiki classes, and found that Anna’s reviewers sounded so blown away by her. I can’t describe the kindness and love that exudes from Anna to my friends whom have never met her, “the first angel on earth I’ve ever met.”  She’s created a space of love, encouragement, and the craziest level of acceptance and non-judgement I’ve ever seen from a bunch of strangers packed into a room together.  You cannot, will not go wrong by signing up for her class (or sessions/treatments/offerings) if you’re the least bit curious. Thank you Anna for helping me find and own my path!”

“I didn’t know it at the time, but this why I moved to San Francisco… to continue my spiritual growth with a magical spiritual guide and an amazing loving, caring, talented community of aspiring practitioners.  Anna provides the container for each of us to transform and unite in oneness.  A reiki and shamanic practitioner extraordinaire creating a better world.”

“Anna is truly magical. She is such a master of her craft that she delivers years of information in an easy-to-absorb, hands on way that supports fun, rich, and personal learning. I highly recommend Vibrant Reiki’s reiki trainings; they have been wonderful experiences that have expanded my appreciation for the depth and versatility of the healing modality.”

“I truly loved taking the Reiki 1 two-day experience with Anna. She is so incredibly authentic, kind, loving, connected and knowledgeable. The other people you will meet in the sessions will be of like-mind, and the weekend experience will be enlightening and truly life changing. It’s amazing to realize the possibilities of the energies that exist, and how we can all use it for good and healing. This experience is for anyone who is ready and open.”

“What an honor and privilege to journey with Anna and my reiki mates! Anna is a remarkable celestial being that drips with love and knowledge. She brought in her shamanic background, which was especially powerful to me and called my spirit in even more. I will continue to train with her because I know I’ve found the perfect being and teacher for this reiki journey!”

“Anna is incredible. She’s a warm-hearted, good natured, and energetically experienced elder soul that the bay area is fortunate to have. She has a way of working with anyone in a loving and accepting way wherever they are. So much acceptance and love in her classes!  She’s also a huge promoter of community and healing. I took her Reiki I workshop, and she linked us all together and has someone volunteer a space for the class to come back together and host monthly reiki shares.  I so appreciate how giving Anna is with her being, her knowledge, and herself. If you feel so called to be in her presence and learn from her, you are likely to be eternally grateful for it.”

“Honestly, I did quite a lot of research before deciding where to go to learn Reiki, and I am so glad I was drawn to Anna. It was a trek for me, but I was totally thrilled that I did it. The ladies were really wonderful (she had helpers too) and the whole experience was amazing. I wanted to crawl into her pocket and stay there. I’ll be going back for Reiki II. And yes, I thought it was too woo woo at first, but, I’m glad I embraced the woo. Anna also is great at getting people to actually interact which is a really dynamite skill for teaching in a group setting, and her playful manner dispels any awkwardness. She’s balm to the reclusive soul.”

“I just completed Reiki 1 with Anna and I couldn’t have been happier (or feel more blissed out) with the class. Anna is such an amazing human and I really loved her teaching method and how she held the space for every single person in the class. It was such a magical experience and I wish I could repeat it every weekend. I felt truly supported by Anna and everyone in the class and left feeling full of love and ready to spread that love around. Thank you, Anna!”

“Holy wow! Let the love flow!!  I just completed Reiki 1 with the most amazing group of people, with whom I felt an unexplainably close, sacred connection.

Anna led us gracefully & compassionately through the weekend. We laughed & danced & healed & held space for one another’s healing along the way. The way Anna holds space is incredible, a wonderful gift in itself to feel & experience. Anna will help you unlock the power you already have & she’ll give you a shining example of how to hold space, be present & show up for someone. Thank you Anna for lovingly showing the way! Thank you Vibrant Reiki!  Many Blessings!!!!”

“There are times in our life when we need the help and assistance of someone who is a healing practitioner. Not only is Anna Dorian that, but she is so much more; she is a compassionate healer, a intelligent and well-read being, thorough and meticulous, and just so lovingly hilarious – she cracks me up! Do you know many practitioners in this space who are that? I don’t! Anna is an amazing, amazing, amazing, woman/teacher/shaman who is humble, tenacious and oozes love and grace. I was honored that I got a chance to do my Reiki 3 with her! I am also studying her shamanic program and cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing her and my fellow peer group.  Both she and they bring me sisterhood, peace, and healing.

Don’t get me wrong if you sign up for the shamanic program you have to do A LOT of belief work and there are a lot of ups and downs…but there is a lot of healing and you are held in a way that no one else will ever hold you. I hands down cannot imagine doing this program that requires so much vulnerability, honesty and provides so much healing with anyone but Anna. She is a powerful and honest practitioner who throws her whole self into each session. I quite honestly don’t know how she does it sometimes (I need to pinch her next time I see her 🙂  She’s graceful, enthusiastic, and sometimes just darn magical. She is a true professional with tremendous knowledge that you will come to be grateful for. If you’re ready, well, your teacher just appeared!  🙂  Don’t think twice she’s THE best in town. Thank you Anna for all you do and everything you have taught me – I am honored to be walking this path with you as my teacher and guide.”

“I completed the Reiki I class this past weekend, and am soooo glad I signed up! Anna is truly such a lovely, warm, effusive, genuine, and FUNNY person! I felt so blessed to have participated and am so glad I came to Vibrant Reiki for my experience I felt accepted immediately as I walked into the classroom, and experienced my first Reiki session while at the class which completely blew me away (Thank you Renata!!). So much good information and lots of “doing” to get you started. I am excited to continue on my journey with Reiki and if you are considering learning, please look to Anna at Vibrant Reiki – you’ll be so glad you did!”

“Anna is an incredible teacher! I recently took her Reiki 1 class and I am so grateful for the experience. Anna has a very kind way of honoring each student and their journey with Reiki. Anna lovingly introduced the practice with theory, openness, possibility and most of all, love. Thank you Vibrant Reiki.”

“I was recently welcomed to circle with Anna Dorian again, to delve deeper into the Loving mystery of Reiki. Every occasion I’ve had sharing space and time with her being (and the many kindred spirits that are piqued by her way with this work) has brought blessing and expansion. I’ve learned (live, and share) that healing may be messy, but it is also profoundly beautiful and inevitably, replenishing. Anna’s business is aptly named, as she lives her work Vibrantly; her teaching style exudes warmth and joy, with deep respect and compassion for Self and Other.
It takes unique courage for us humans of this time, to embrace the tremendous potential of our Selves in union with the greater mystery of Life- to explore the silly, share our stories, seek Connection, live Spiritedly… if You, person out there, are interested, Anna and the Community she is within offers a Delightful place to begin your journey.

May you live in harmony and be blessed!”

“Anna is such a bright light. She is professional and very warm-hearted. I felt at ease and cared for from the moment we met. Her dedication to her craft is second to none. Based on my work with her, the path before me has never been clearer. I highly recommend Anna for anyone seeking support or healing through her various service offerings, community gatherings, and/or and educational trainings.”

“Being part of Group Otter in the Shaman’s Way training has been one of the biggest blessings of my entire life! Even though I’ve always been drawn to spiritual practices, I never thought I would have access to this deep and ancient tradition. Now, after recently ending the 16 months in the wheel, I literally cannot imagine my life without shamanism, which felt to me like a sweet homecoming, a deep remembering of ways of knowing that I didn’t know how to access but perhaps intuitively always felt were there. The experiences I’ve had in The Shaman’s Way have helped me feel so much more connected to myself, my ancestors, humanity and the planet. It’s as if I now have the tools to access the world through a different dimension, one through which everything feels so much sweeter, more magical and full of hope. At the same time, it’s also a perspective that’s deeply grounded in truth. Doing this work together in a community of chosen family was another unbelievable sweetness – these are people I will know and love for the rest of my life!

I am also utterly and immensely grateful to Anna for birthing this training into being. I cannot imagine how I could have learned these ancient practices and deep life lessons with anyone but Anna – she is TRULY MAGIC! I have never met anyone else who embodies radiance on a daily basis and literally exudes unconditional love. When you’re in her presence you immediately feel seen, loved and valued. The depth of her empathy, vulnerability and integrity, as well as her joyful sense of play are such incredible qualities as a teacher. In addition, she is brilliantly smart, an incredible facilitator, highly intuitive and hugely skilled in her practice. She is, without a doubt, THE best teacher I’ve had in my entire life.

I am SO grateful this training and Vibrant Reiki exist in the world – I truly believe this work is the highest realization of what is needed for healing on planet Earth right now!”

“Anna is such a blessing! She is an absolutely amazing teacher. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Ever since I have been attuned to Reiki 1 my life has FLIPPED. I felt like my ego shed and I am no longer holding back to being myself. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical after being attuned until I went home to try Reiki on my sister. I found things out about my sister she has never told a soul. Anna you spirit guide you, I wish you many blessings! You are wonderful and magnificent. I can’t wait to learn more from you!”

“I found my way to Vibrant Reiki, Anna, in an interesting meandering kind of way…always on my radar but the timing never worked out. Until finally, everything fell into place quite serendipitously with Shinpiden/Reiki III training. Anna is such a vibrant spirit, sensitive and lovingly holds space. She speaks with compassionate strength and “lives” her truth. I was looking for a teacher that would help guide me towards more confidence in my own intuition, my own presence with Reiki. I am truly grateful to have found what I was seeking.

During the class she guides you through practicing and experiencing various tools to work with in Reiki as a practitioner and teacher. Questions and wonders are always welcomed and the answer that you may be seeking may already be within…”journey on it!” :)”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anna and Vibrant Reiki over the past six months, and I have enjoyed every moment of the journey!  I took my Shoden/Reiki I training with Vibrant Reiki in December, and I just completed my Shinpiden/Reiki III training last week.  I have worked with other reiki teachers, and Anna’s communication style, compassion, sense of humor, and ability to hold space for her students really resonate with me.  I have so much love and gratitude for Anna and Vibrant Reiki!”

“I found my home here in the Bay Area, thousands of miles away from my long time home on the East Coast, when I became a student of Anna’s Shaman’s Way. Divine mystery/help/grace led me to Group Otter in the Shaman’s Way and there I found friendship, sisterhood, belonging, and love. I learned that creating peace and beauty in the world is possible, and that healing happens when a community comes together with the intention of love, forgiveness, openness, and desire to heal self/others.

Anna has a remarkable way of holding space and encouraging her students to find their inner strength and wisdom. She empowers her students to follow their own spiritual path, listen to their guides and inner voice, and discover unique/personalized ways of being and working in the world. She is a compassionate teacher, fierce advocate, and caring guide for all her students. I feel honored and blessed to have studied shamanism with her and with my Group Otter family and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience of healing work, Reiki, Shamanism, and community building she offers. It will most likely change you and fill you with more light, empowerment, gratitude, spiritual well-being, and love.”

“BEST of the BEST!!! Anna is AHMAZING!  I began my journey of Reiki healing 10 years ago in San Diego.  When I moved to the bay area, I was referred to Anna by my Reiki master.  I know we will be friends and Reiki healers for the rest of our lives.  The LOVE she pours into her teaching, clinic, and Reiki shares goes beyond words.  She’s passionate, fun, delightful hilarious and encouraging.  To all who are lucky enough to have her grace their souls, Anna Is Vibrant Reiki… I received my Reiki II attunement this weekend and it was pure magic…The knowledge and experience she bestows on her students goes beyond what is expected…I learned a lot and I’m recommending her to everyone!!!  Much Love.”

“Anna is a gifted Shaman and Reiki master as well as teacher.  Learning Reiki from her has been a joy and so easy to grasp with her guidance and light heart.  She is also a master at holding space for people as they learn and grow.  I highly recommend her, her classes and her events.  All amazing!”

“Let me begin by just saying: Anna Dorian is better than perfect. I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers in my life, but Anna is very special– *fully* present and aware, fully connected to each and every member of the group, so generous, loving, in full integrity, fierce, hilarious, goofy, and truly gifted as a teacher and a practitioner. She and the Reiki III/Shinpiden group invited me into their circle as one of their own, and I am forever grateful for the transformation and the deepening Anna has facilitated. The weekend was absolutely packed with incredible knowledge, experience, love, and pure magic. As soon as I walked through the door, I was swept up into the most validating, unconditional hug I’ve received in a long time (if ever!) and I knew I was home. Anna sees you and WANTS to see you.

As a teacher, these words of recommendation will just keep falling short. Anna has brought Reiki back to life for me in such a vibrant way– she lives up to and goes beyond anything you are reading here can convey. My healing toolbox is seriously brimming with treasure. Just trust me– go learn with her. You will be changed for the highest good.”

“My heart is full of immense gratitude for having found Anna and Vibrant Reiki in 2010. In the past 6 years my life has undergone enormous shifts and expansions, and I have felt truly blessed to walk in my grief, healing and transformation with her support, love and encouragement. I hope to know her for many more years to come. After my first session with Anna, and for the first time in my life, I cried tears of joy. Pure and unfiltered joy. And I will tell you that life is so different once you know that this is possible. How can I ever say…”thank you, from the fullness of my beaming little heart.”

“When I met Anna I felt like I was visiting a dear friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while.  Her spirit is like that – warm, giving, compassionate.  This was so important because I was there due to a recent painful experience.  Anna provided a safe space for me to get out of my head and into my heart, to share, to cry, and even to laugh.  In short, to begin healing. Because of this experience, I decided that I needed to learn more about Reiki and Shamanism, so I attended her Shoden Reiki workshop and a monthly Shaman circle.  Anna is one of those rare people who is not only brilliant at what she does but is an equally brilliant teacher.  She has vast knowledge and happily shares it.  It is so rewarding to learn from someone who truly loves her work.  I enrolled in her upcoming Way of the Shaman course because I want to delve deeper into this work and can’t imagine a better guide.

So, in the spirit of the season give yourself a beautiful gift by signing up for a Reiki/Shamanism session or a Reiki class or attend a monthly Shaman circle with Anna.  You will be richer for the experience.”

“I did a weekend-long Shoden Reiki class with Anna last month and have been reaping the rewards since. As you have read in all the other reviews, Anna’s loving energy smothered our class and the experience was truly blissful. Anna creates a very comfortable, relaxed space where learning and transformation intersect. Spend time with her and you will find out for yourself, she is a really special person with a passion for spreading the divine energy to each of her students. Thank you, Anna! Reiki on!”

“By some magnetic mysterious magical force I found Anna’s website while doing some research for a personal journey of mine and I don’t think I left one corner of her website unread! I was drawn to the Sacred Stones and Reiki class and signed up almost immediately after Anna answered some questions that I had. I am new to Reiki and I am already deeply in love with the practice and healing that I have found within from it. Add Sacred Stones to this mix and I have entered new portals of possibility and healing guided by Anna and the 7 other women that I shared this class with.  Anna’s warmth and playful loving energy welcomed me immediately and I learned not only beautiful knowledge in regards to Sacred Stones but also how to follow my intuition while working with them. Anna is an amazing teacher and guide! I am immensely grateful for Anna and all of the beautiful wisdom that she shared with us and I can’t wait to continue learning with Vibrant Reiki!”

“It’s no irony that both ANNA and LOVE are 4 letter words. Anna Dorian is absolutely wonderful. She exudes immense love, wisdom, enthusiasm and expertise. And she’s fun! I’ve attended Anna’s monthly shamanic workshops multiple times over several years as well as a few of her other demos. I always appreciate her wit and the grounded, safe, and welcoming atmosphere that she creates both for new comers and returning students. If you’re new to shamanism or reiki, Anna has a really practical way of talking about the work and making it feel safe and comfortable. If you’ve studied previously, you’ll still benefit and find her engaging. I’ve also had the opportunity to chat with her about her extensive background studying shamanism, reiki and other healing modalities. She’s truly walked the walk on her own healing journey and is a product of her work. She brings tremendous integrity to her work. She’s also created a low fee Reiki clinic because she believes in the work so much. I look forward to studying more with Anna. It’s no wonder that she has built such a tremendous following. Thanks so much for all that you do!”

“Anna is one of the most vibrant souls you will ever encounter. Her light shines so bright that you can’t help but be drawn to it and the gift of its warmth. She and I first met nearly three years ago when I was seeking alternative ways to help me heal after surgery and a stage zero cancer episode-working with her brought peace and balance to my mind and body and my doctors marveled at how quickly I healed. To be in Anna’s presence is to be honored and held with love, compassion, kindness, and playfulness. I believe there are no coincidences in this world, and meeting her was a powerful affirmation of that belief. Over the last three years, I have been not only a client, but also a student. I have stepped further into my own light, and have manifested my desire to help others heal. She is a masterful teacher and a gifted healer. I am deeply grateful to know her.”

“Where do I even begin?  I received my Shoden Reiki Attunement (Reiki I) this past weekend from Anna Dorian & friends at Vibrant Reiki and the experience was simply amazing!!!  Awesome!  Extraordinary!! I Love Vibrant Reiki!  So many smiles and giggles and twinkles and positive energy and Love.  Love Love Love! ! ! !  Anna is a truly gifted person and an excellent teacher.  I will treasure this experience forever.  Thank you, Anna, for everything.  I enjoyed it with all of my heart and I am very much looking forward to Okuden Reiki (Reiki 2) in the very near future. With all the Love in my heart, Nes”

“So i just signed up for yelp just so i could write this review…anna is incredible and amazing. the work she does and that is done is her class (i just took the reiki 1 and i cannot wait for reiki 2, and shall be attending her shamantic drum circle this weekend) is the most powerful energy work ive ever experienced. she is a true conduit of love and light and it is powerfully felt in her presence.”

“I just received my Reiki I attunement from Anna Dorian. She had brought a Reiki workshop to my job, and I was inspired to continue studying with her. Anna springboards from her solid scientific background into a broad healing knowledge base, fortified by an impressive CV of Reiki and shamanic accomplishments. But forget all that: Anna is magical! She obviously loves her work and has committed her life to being of service. She is warm, funny, real, and down to earth. I am pleasantly surprised at all the learning and gifts I have received from her without having to suffer through the typical instructor’s ego-guru-ness. Anna creates a safe space for group fumbling, experimentation, and unexpected emotions. In 16 hours, I have met my new teacher and bonded with 5 group mates who are now my Reiki friends. I look forward to joining Anna at her shamanic circle and moving through many more Reiki levels with her. Thank you, Anna, for being the exactly right teacher at the exactly right time.”

“Foremost, Anna is a beautiful soul and a wonderful teacher! Secondly, my hands are vibrating with Reiki love!!! Just had my attunement for Level I last weekend, and I am totally jazzed about it. I was referred to Anna by another student of hers, and I had such a great experience going through the training. Plus, we just had a wonderful group of people to share the experience with. Anna makes the process fun and engages us through different methods. She is a wonderful story teller and a Reiki Shihan. Her 10+ years of experience flow through her ease of teaching about the subject and guiding newbies on the path to Reiki love. Its incredible to think that just 6 months ago, I was still unsure and vague on what Reiki truly does, but now, I feel the universal energy running through me. It’s beautiful. This whole experience has been life altering. I highly recommend Anna Dorian! Thank you and many blessings!”

“Anna is a life changer!! I stumbled in for a session with no previous reiki knowledge in in October 2012 and ended up coming back for all of her trainings which have brought about nothing short of miracles right and left in my life. This work is profound and healing and I haven’t found anyone who holds such a loving and grounding space for lightwork. Anna is magic and I am so grateful I found Vibrant Reiki. Even if you’re just reiki curious, definitely check it out. :)”

“I can’t imagine a more joyful and loving environment to learn about Reiki! Anna Dorian is a wonderful teacher with a unique mix of knowledge, compassion, humor and warmth. Our entire class was infused with her infectious love of the Reiki tradition. If you have any interest at all in learning more about Reiki, please do yourself a favor and go see Anna!”

“I’ve recently completed a Reiki class with the wonderful Anna Dorian. Not only was the class such a life changing experience, but learning it from Anna made it so much more special. She is one of the most non judgmental, positive and intelligent person I’ve met. I’ve searched a long time until I found the right person to learn Reiki from, so if you’d like to save some time, just take the 1st level Reiki, and you’ll see for yourself how addictive her classes and her energy is. No matter how “far” you are in your spiritual journey, interacting with someone as vibrant as Anna can really bring a major positive shift within you.”

“Well, I’ve now received my Reiki II certification from Vibrant Reiki… I have no plans to become a Reiki practitioner or anything similar … but I’m taking these classes to help in my own spiritual development. Once again, Anna created a magical space – this time for 13 of us! This was a larger class than my last one, but we each still received the personalized attention and care that had spoiled me the first time around. Plus, I now have a new stuffed animal in my home thanks to this class. If you want to learn Reiki without preciousness and snobbery, this is the place for you.”

“Anna is spectacular! I just completed Reiki Level 1, and I had such an incredible experience! Anna is a true gift in the seamless ways she promotes safety and love in a group of strangers. She writes and speaks unlike anyone I’ve known, and it is a delight to hear her creative voice as she gently helps navigate through questions and mystery. I would strongly recommend Vibrant Reiki to anyone curious about this healing art form. You will get a kind, comprehensive, and fun training with Anna that will allow your inner confidence as a healer and helper to shine through.”

“I’ve recently completed a Reiki class with the wonderful Anna Dorian. Not only was the class such a life changing experience, but learning it from Anna made it so much more special. She is one of the most non judgmental, positive and intelligent person I’ve met. I’ve searched a long time until I found the right person to learn Reiki from, so if you’d like to save some time, just take the 1st level Reiki, and you’ll see for yourself how addictive her classes and her energy is. No matter how “far” you are in your spiritual journey, interacting with someone as vibrant as Anna can really bring a major positive shift within you.

“This place is really special to me. I year ago I got my Reiki I certification with Anna and I chose Vibrant Reiki because it was the only place I could find in the Bay that gave me a fun, light-hearted feeling about Reiki. So many people take it so seriously, as if energy and light work require you to be solemn and holy and whatever else you’ve seen in the movies when it comes to “alternative” healing. The last thing I wanted was for it to feel “gimmicky,” especially because I was new to the Reiki world.  Anna is authentic, and has a lot of experience to bring to the table and teaches solid Reiki classes WELL worth the money. So when I realized it was time to take my Reiki II course, I knew Vibrant Reiki was the only place I wanted to go, and I’m SO happy I did. Again, it was a fun, joyful, and profound experience. She does such an amazing job with being able to relate to, encourage, and support each student no matter what their background or personality is – and there is always quite a variety! Again, I think we need more fun and joy in the world of spirituality and intangibility. I am SO grateful to Anna for creating Vibrant Reiki!”

“WOW! I can’t believe how amazing my experience was during my reki 1 Attunement. The loving environment in which Anna creates in her space is comforting beyond words. I went into class thinking I’d be learning a technique but instead I had an experience that has truly changed me. I am in awe of Anna and look forward to working with her again. Love you Anna!

“Having had such a tremendous experience with Reiki 1, I went back for Reiki 2. And it was definitely absolutely as great an experience as the first. It’s not just that Anna is a great teacher, or that the space is totally lovely, or that Reiki is a beautiful practice, but that the people who come here for classes have a great energy too. There is such a level of acceptance that Anna creates. Also, more wonderfulness to explore: monthly Reiki clinics; shamanic healing; monthly shamanic circles – so much trouble for a girl to get into!!!!”

“Where to start!? Let’s see… I am a Reiki Master, and I’ve been working with Reiki for over 12 years. I moved to San Francisco a couple years ago and I really started to miss the connection with other Reiki folk. So, I attended one of the Reiki Share’s Anna holds on a monthly basis and met Anna Dorian. Anna is FANTASTIC, and that is a huge understatement! Her energy, her knowledge and her experience are exactly what I was looking for when I set up to rekindling my connection to Reiki. I recently took Anna’s Sacred Stone Healing course and I couldn’t recommend it any stronger to anybody who is interested in working with crystals and stones, and already works with Reiki. I have very high expectations when it comes to any experience with Reiki and related course/seminars, and all of my expectations where not only met but exceeded in wonderful ways. If the recommendation of a stranger means anything to you (if you are on Yelp I’m assuming it does haha) then I would encourage any inkling of intention to get involved with Anna and Vibrant Reiki. ‘Nough said.”

“I took Anna’s Sacred Stones class and had the most amazing experience. She is knowledgeable, warm and wonderfully herself. She commanded the day professionally, with a great blend of concrete knowledge and whimsy. I am a Reiki Master but had little knowledge of how to use scared stones in my practice. The quality of the stones we worked with and we able to bring home were incredible–about 30 raw cut stones from Madagascar, NM and AZ. I really loved the vibe of the whole experience and would recommend this class to anyone. Hands down amazing.”

“I had a truly awesome experience this weekend during my shoden level reiki class. Anna is an amazing teacher and wonderful individual. I would recommend Vibrant Reiki to anyone who is open to having some magical experiences.”

“All I can say is WOW! I took the Reiki Level 1 class with Anna last weekend. And I have been high on Reiki ever since. I’ve never really been a “joiner” or a class taker – I’m much more of a DIYer. I’ll read a book, watch a dvd, or “google” it if I want to know more about something. But for whatever reason, I felt really compelled and excited about taking Anna’s level 1 Reiki class. That she donates part of her profits to otters has something to do with it, I’m sure. Anna is like a playful little fairy. She’s funny, charming, and endearing. She has such a calming presence about her. Her energy is so loving and knowing. I felt sooo safe, accepted, and nurtured in class. Anna does such a great job of setting a loving tone for her classes. Her experience and depth of knowledge is vast. I had the best time. I made new friends. And I am now a level 1 Reiki practitioner. I can’t recommend Anna at Vibrant Reiki enough. She is just a magical person to be around. And playing in the Reiki river is total bliss!”

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Vibrant Reiki, I don’t know where to begin. While I have practiced Reiki for years for friends and family, I went to Vibrant Reiki to complete my Master level training. Anna’s teaching style is very playful and fun, and still jam packed full of valuable information and lots of structured and supported practice time, gleaned from her years of experience. She really applies and addresses all of the wonders and potential bumps along the road of Reiki helping students to feel deeply empowered and supported. Undoubtedly she has lead many groups and has mastered the art of balancing the deeply transformative work of reiki with the more joyful and light playful side… always remaining in flow and responding to the unique needs of the group… much like Reiki itself! She clearly has a deep respect, rapport, and love for her students, creating a learning environment which is not only easy and welcoming, but deeply moving.  I highly recommend her as a teacher, whether you are completely new to Reiki and interested in self-healing or are wanting to add skill to your already established practice. You will be satisfied beyond your expectations.”

“My Distant Power Animal session with Anna was a deeply healing, cathartic experience. I didn’t know what to expect going in, I just knew it was something I needed to do. I had no idea this one session could heal me on so many levels and empower me in so many aspects in my life. Anna is a very powerful healer and delivers the information in such a gentle and loving way. I can’t recommend this treatment enough! I also plan to work with Anna getting distance healing via Reiki. Her distance work is equally as powerful as seeing her in person.”

“Just came back from Anna’s Reiki Retreat held at Mt. Shasta and am still glowing and reminiscing these two amazing days spent in nature doing ceremonies, rituals, attunements, Shamanic journeys, Reiki healings and all the shares of meditation, stories, laughter and great meals. We stayed at the grounds of Flowing Waters as well as Stewart Mineral Springs – two truly beautiful places, simply perfect for holding such ceremonies. Anna also arranged for us to receive a singing bowl attunement with Bev at the Middle Earth Crystal Store which definitely stirred “something” in each of us and left me happily dazzled and at a great spiritual peace afterwards. I carried all that energy work with me back to SF and I’m still thriving in it as things brought to life back there keep on unfolding with each day… This retreat is a memory of a lifetime and I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to have been there with Anna and all the other Reiki people. A big Namaste to Anna as a spiritual teacher and a deep Gassho for all she is and the retreat she created.”

“I feel so blessed to have found Vibrant Reiki/Anna Dorian. I first learned about VR/Anna via Meetup when searching for a Reiki share (I am a master teacher). I recently booked an appointment with Anna for the first time and had a truly amazing experience. She is such a bright light and a very gifted healer; authentic and compassionate, intuitive and caring, and has a great sense of humor! I really appreciated that she took time with me to really explore my intention for the session and to help me dig deep to explore beneath the surface. I love that she thought about and provided me with referrals based upon her deep listening and insightful impressions. The aftercare instructions are a wonderful touch. The Vibrant Reiki space is beautiful, serene, comforting and energetically supportive. I plan to volunteer in the bi-weekly Reiki clinic and to see Anna on a regular basis. She is a special gift to the world!”

“I love you vibrant reiki, let me count the ways!!
1. you introduced me to the magic of reiki at the low cost and magical reiki clinic!!
2. you attuned me to reiki through a magical process, continuing to fill my life with growth, exploration and joy.
3. you taught me about having proper boundaries and standing ground.
4. you’ve welcomed me into the Reiki clinic as a practitioner and given me the wonderful warm experience of sharing Reiki with the community and other practitioners.
5. you’ve brought me good friends and many smiles and giggles.
6. you’ve got those super cool round windows
7. you’ve got Anna and Ravi and all good people all around!!!
i think the experience is going to be different for everyone, but if you are curious about Reiki and have never tried it i suggest starting with a Reiki clinic appointment. its SOOO worth the small amount of cash to feel the power of Reiki magic. (and actually the ways i love vibrant Reiki are virtually countless……)”

“I had an achy lower back last month that Anna picked up on and went right to with her warm hands. My lower back felt as if it was vibrating under her touch. My back felt so much better afterwards and is still feeling great. She has great energy, presence, and talk about a healing touch. I recommend her to all of my patients who live in SF. She’s great!”

“Could I love Vibrant Reiki more? Possibly if it was drizzled in chocolate. But sometimes there even IS chocolate here! This is an amazing place. Great, warm energy in a cool location. (I often get a yearning for some good pho ga after a Reiki session and all I have to do is walk two blocks down Clement!) Everyone I’ve met through VR has been compassionate, friendly, and genuine. Whether you are getting a private session with Anna, or coming to the $20 Reiki Clinic with our many practitioners, or joining in community at the Reiki Shares or Shaman Circles, you will leave feeling light and happy. Anna is an incredible lightworker, and she draws like-minded people from all over. I am happy to have found this place on Meetup one bored afternoon.. It has definitely changed my life, and provided a community of learning and growth and friendship to help me settle in to a new city. Need I recommend it further? Go on and visit already!”

“WOW! I had never heard of reiki until a friend went to Anna for help with some emotional issues. She had a really wonderful experience – I was skeptical, but tried it, and am hooked! Anna was patient and kind – she obviously loves reiki a lot. She took time to help me understand how a session works, and how to take care of myself after. I felt better than I had in months after my first session (I have another one next month) – it was like an energy massage, and I loved it! Anna made me a believer… go try out some reiki – you’ll thank yourself for it.”

“Anna is the most graceful and gracious person I have ever met and I am eternally grateful that she entered my life! My reiki experience with her has been life altering and beautiful, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. She is not only available during class sessions, but on the many occasions I have reached out with questions that came up, she has been quick to respond and answer my curious mind. I paid closer attention to her body work when working with others and I was so moved. I felt like I was watching a conductor of an orchestra. Anna’s artistry is simply beautiful to watch!”

“Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki is one of the most positive, energetic, happy, powerful people I’ve ever met. She really is amazing, loving and caring toward others. Her Reiki is incredible and she loves it more than any other practitioner I’ve ever known. Her positive and powerful attitude is contagious and seems to fill all around her with a similar light. She is a very exceptional person.”

“My session with Anna was an absolutely amazing experience that widened my eyes. I recommend her to anyone that wants a highly experienced and gentle soul to work with.”

“Anna is a true healer walking the timeless path of loving service. She brings light, compassion and depth to every interaction, and she is utterly masterful in her application and teaching of the universal healing energy that is reiki. I love her dearly and am so glad to know her, study with her, and receive her beautiful healing touch.”

“I am so grateful to have found my teacher in Anna! I had never even thought of taking Reiki, then I happened upon Vibrant Reiki and Anna’s love for the practice was totally contagious. I signed up for reiki I and in the blink of an eye, i am almost a reiki master under the tutelage of Anna. She is amazingly intuitive, kind, and above all – supportive! She believes in you and believes with her whole heart and soul that reiki is the way of life. Anna is helping me to think more clearly about my own healing practice and she always validates what i think i feel. I cannot say enough about Vibrant Reiki and the positive changes Anna has helped me to manifest in my life. Get thee to a session and a class – it is invaluable!”

“Anna has such a wonderful soul and her Reiki practice really does show her sincere dedication in helping others receive the light of Reiki healing. My first impression of her was kind of like a faerie. She has that warm cheerful and playful aura about her. It is hard not to like who she is because she has such a warm spirit. Although I haven’t gotten an actual reiki session from Anna, I have attended her Reiki Clinic which she supervises. Before you enter the treatment room, Anna goes over the ins and outs of Reiki so that you become familiar and comfortable with how Reiki treatments work. Then immediately after the session Anna ensures that you receive a nice big hug. That’s such a wonderful bonus, especially when you really want an emotional pick me up right after the session as sometimes you do release repressed emotions during a Reiki treatment.Yet again, Anna is the best! I am still surprised at how professional and courteous she is. Vibrant Reiki is probably the absolute best place get a reiki healing done and the Reiki Clinic offers affordable treatments. Only 30 dollars! Most places will charge you around 90 dollars a session. Update: I just had my second reiki clinic treatment at Anna’s Vibrant Reiki office. Her warm spirit can be felt a mile away. That’s just how wonderful and sweet she is. Plus, she even remembered my name! How cool is that? Definitely a A+.”

“I met Anna in 2007 when I moved to San Francisco at a community Reiki share hosted by her. Reiki her life and mission..she has an amazing heart and is an amazing healer. I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating the experience of first time Reiki to start with Anna..she knows her stuff and also has a great supporting and positive energy and passion for her work.”

“Anna and I trained together to be Karuna reiki masters. In a room full of reiki and reiki practitioners, Anna’s energy and contribution to our class was considerable. I was privileged to receive attunements and treatments from Anna and if I lived in the Bay Area I would be visiting her often for more. It was inspired of her to call her company Vibrant Reiki – these two words capture the essence of Anna perfectly.”

“Both my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting and studying with Anna during our training to become Karuna Reiki Masters. From the beginning it was evident that Anna was knowledgeable and experienced in the practice of Reiki but she impressed us the most by her kind and sincere ways. We listened and learned from her and left having the feeling that we made a new friend. In further contacts with Anna she has shared her knowledge and experience with me and all of this has played and important part in my practice with Cancer patients. I am most grateful for this and hope that others in the future will also meet her and experience the beauty of Reiki.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anna both as a client and as a student. Anna is an incredible person: warm, caring, and generous. A Reiki session with her wraps you up in a blanket of yummy. Her intuitive ability is astonishing – she knows exactly what you need and creates an environment where remarkable healing can occur. As a teacher, Anna is equally incredible, gently guiding through the entire process whether it is smooth or rocky. Anna also holds the BEST Reiki shares. Seriously. I can’t really recommend Anna highly enough for any Reiki-related needs. She lives and breathes Reiki and overflows with love and compassion. I feel lucky to have found her.”

“Anna is fabulous – gifted, talented and one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. Do not hesitate to get treatments from her – your life will change forever.”

“I just recently had my second reiki session with Anna and she indeed is everything everyone says about her – wonderful, fun, amazing, great, etc. From the moment you meet her you feel as if you’ve known her for a long time. Her energy and aura is truly out of this world. Her conversation style is just such a treat. I love talking to this girl! However her healing work is truly amazing. This time around instead of feeling that relax calming energy I did the first time, I felt that the reiki excited me. She even taught me some meditation and visualization techniques to help me with my everyday problems. Anna certainly knows her stuff from meditation to visualization to healing to mystical thoughts and more. I highly recommend her to anyone! You will not regret ever meeting her. I know I don’t!”

“Vibrant is an understatement. Anna is such a great person and a great, fun Reiki healer. She was my teacher for Reiki I and I attended the majority of her fantastic monthly Reiki shares after that. I also went to her Reiki retreat, which was an amazing thing for her to plan. She’s insanely generous in creating these events for Reiki people. I recently got my first full treatment from her and you wouldn’t believe how much bad mojo came out of my injured foot that day. She also did some really cool stuff with salt and shamanic drumming that you won’t find at your corner spa. And of course, she’s always there for follow-up questions and issues. You must go to Anna. That’s an order.”

“I received my 1st and 2nd Reiki attunements from Anna. It was a lot of fun and since then my life began to change. Now I cannot imagine it without Reiki. I will be forever grateful for that! Whenever I have a question, she is there to answer and support. A true teacher!!! Anna also did a distant Reiki attunements for my brother in Europe. It worked wonderfully and he is a happy Reiki II practitioner now which otherwise had not been possible. NAMASTE, ANNA.”

“People sometimes ask me how you know when someone is a ‘legitimate’ Reiki practitioner and when it might not be helpful. Like meditation, and many things in life, you just have to experience it. I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Anna just after my arrival in San Francisco. As a Reiki teacher, colleague, and co-creator of a magical journey, she is just delightful. More than anyone I’ve worked with, she brings JOY to Reiki. Laughter, smiles, jokes, curiosity. Anna knows how to have fun in healing, and fun in struggle and complexity. That’s a rare trait. Knowing I am going to visit with her always brings a smile to my face. And laughter in and of itself is healing. Add to that the great vibes of the Reiki and Anna’s thoughtful, caring questions, and it’s a wonderful experience.”

“Here’s my feedback for you, Anna:
1) I love your service because you’re totally about letting things be flow and not being rigid to a formula. I kinda get turned off when people think there is only one way to do things – and you are very open to a plentitude of options.
2) You’ve done fantastic in your ego dissolving. I mean that so sincerely.
3) Very cool how you know a lot and share your resources (ex: shamanism)
4) Love your energy as it is just so playfully fantastic and really reassuring.
5) What you do really works. I know that’s silly to say, but kinda important!”

“Vibrant Reiki enables energy-minded people in the bay area to discover, connect, play, and explore this wonderful healing practice. My first experience with Reiki was in May 2007. I received my first Reiki attunement from Anna, the owner of Vibrant Reiki and a Usui/Karuna Reiki master. Since then, I have gotten my Reiki II attunement from her and attended a Reiki retreat (hosted by Anna) at the Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin. Anna has shown me that is completely possible to live your life by listening to your heart and embracing your truth. I urge anyone interested in Reiki to check out her website and to join a monthly Reiki share offered at her healing space. Anna is truly one of the most honest and beautiful people that I have ever met. She has provided continuous support not only during my Reiki journey as a teacher but in my life as a friend. She will amaze you with her insight and her gift of uttering the perfect words at the perfect time.”

“My sessions with Anna were highly spontaneous, fluid, stilling and advancing. After my second session, I left with the sensation that a pause had been inserted (a deepening of breath) so that I could activate my own healing sooner. Anna’s presence is rooted and graceful- – her approach synthesizes wide oceans of study and perspective. I respond (lean into) words – – (in a session that combined Reiki with guided imagery) Anna was able to evoke vivid imagery through a delicate, spontaneous use of language. Though highly imaginative and good-natured, Anna’s background in the sciences helps to negotiate the terrain between the earthy and ethereal.”

“Anna’s work is thorough, transcendent and incredibly comforting. She is an open and inviting soul, willing to work on “what is” rather than “what should be”. Not three minutes had I been on her table that I found myself in a harmonious and blissful relaxation so complete that I found myself thinking this is better than even the deepest sleep.”

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