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Online video workshop to resource lightworkers in changing times
Co-hosted by Reese San Agustin & Anna Dorian
Two Tuesday evenings: Sept 17 & 24, 6:30pm-8:00pmPST, $222 for 2 evenings
Additional Q&A evening: Nov 5, 6:30pm-8:00pmPST, $333 total for 3 evenings

Welcome, lightworkers, creatives, wonderweavers, sensitives, and joybearers!  We are Reese San Agustin (medium and intuitive teacher in Seattle) and Anna Dorian (shamanic and reiki teacher in San Francisco), and we are DELIGHTED to welcome you to our new series, Tools for Lightworkers.

We’ve both been teaching healing arts for 15+ years, and are seeing a real need for folks holding the vibrations of light, love, and positivity here planetside to find stability and resourcing in every-day tools that are accessible, powerful, useful, and…fun!

Many of us anchoring medicines of harmony and peace are encountering incompatible energies to our light-based missions, and this can be a real challenge for sensitive and empathic creatures.  Spirit is offering this series for lightworkers so we all remember in a visceral, real way how loved, supported, and powerful we are.  Time for some spiritual tune-up and ascension?  You bet!  Let’s DO this!


SEPT 17 via video

Beautiful lightworkers, we understand that in these changing times, there’s a lot on our individual and collective plates.  We can of course handle it…and we honor that it’s a lot sometimes!  When we say ‘continuum of light,’ we mean that lightworkers in particular have a larger and broader capacity for both joy and sadness – our peaks and our valleys are higher and lower than other folks.  Or, we lightworkers experience all the things on our planetside adventures, not just funsies and light.

This series offers support, not just in terms of ‘we’re happy, we’re in our power, and we’re doing our good works,’ but also for those times where we as lightworkers feel like everything is heavy, burdensome, and we feel under attack by ‘less-than-light energies’ and fears.  This can be rooted in our empathy, what’s up in the world, or incompatible energies coming at us – or all three!  In our first session, we’ll focus on processes to use in daily life to heal and release these fears, moving instead into a trajectory aligned with our badassery, power, personal command, and authority.  In our time together, we’ll address:

  • Overcoming the density we feel from incompatible vibrations like fear, or low-level energies
  • Honoring that rest is part of the work – taking care of our bodies and releasing cell memory so we can feel our center again
  • Naming and normalizing that we’re resourced as lightworkers who sometimes have dark times and experiences – it’s not always funsies and sunshine here planetside, and we can feel burdened by politics, environmental change, folks acting out in their pain, etc.
  • Addressing anxiety for lightworkers, and the understanding that if we KNOW our bodies well enough, we can notice anxiety rising, and then skillfully course correct
  • Sitting with truth – we are not alone in these experiences, and we have the power to address them
  • Power comes to us in different forms, sometimes tackling challenges head on, sometimes going within with our guides, sometimes going to sleep…we have amazing toolkits waiting to meet us!
  • Receiving a vibrational shamanic ‘medicine key’ that can be used at any time.  Medicine keys are like ‘energetic apps’ we launch to soothe ourselves and our nervous systems, and bring peace


SEPT 24 via video

Belief is KEY to welcoming an era of light and positivity, individually and globally.  Often, folks learn tools about boundaries and repatterning and such that they question and don’t really believe in.  If our belief is shaky, so is our capacity to benefit from the tools we use.  On the up-side, when our belief is protected and properly held, we step into our sovereignty and become powerful creators and receivers.

Actually tackling this one point of understanding belief constructs is powerful beyond measure, and this is the main focus of our evening together.  Our beliefs are woven into our physiology and neural pathways, and affect our habituated, unconscious triggers that get built into our physicality.  Understanding how our physical vessels and experiences are synched with our patterned beliefs is one of the ‘pots of gold’ we sometimes seek here planetside.  We have the capacity to understand and shift the beliefs that shape every aspect of our human earthwalks!  We’ll explore:

  • Taking a journey into our energetic spheres and higher-self perspectives to help us understand that we are – TRULY – aspects of source. Once we see and feel this, everything changes
  • Anchoring in and creating a knowing of safety, with some happy homeworks offered to help lightworkers reshape beliefs. This isn’t something we can do for you…but we can show you how!
  • Exploring how to go in and look at our own DNA structure, our patterns, and where we hold them
  • Speaking directly to our patterns, to understand them and work with them as allies that support our actual wellness as we declare it
  • Meeting your individual DNA helper, who wants to help you see and shift beliefs and patterns
  • Diffusing anxiety and emotional charge about working with these patterns that can come up for lightworkers
  • Sharing tools to reshape beliefs (this is an inside job!) so that we can effectively shape our lives into what is possible…we are free to create in strength and sovereignty


NOV 5 via video

Welcome to our integration session, a Q&A video evening online, where Anna and Reese answer  questions that have come up for folks as they integrate our first two sessions into daily living.  Our structure is simple – we’ll answer live questions from our circle, and learn together what themes and experiences came up for us after 6 weeks to digest, absorb, implement, modify, and live the tools and perspectives spirit has offered.

The beauty of a Q&A discussion is that when one of us asks a question, we all learn together in the collective whole.  We are so deeply honored to host such a special soul group for these sessions, and we can’t wait to see what spirit teaches us, as we support each other in welcoming in the sweet vibrational medicines of peace, joy, harmony, well-being, resilience, positivity, hope, and…LIGHT!


Medium & Intuitive Teacher
One Illuminated

Seattle, WA

Reese SanAgustin is the founder of One Illuminated, an intuitive development organization committed to guiding both initiates in spiritual study and advanced practitioners to higher levels of clarity, confidence, and proficiency. A life-long medium with a background in executive management and leadership development, Reese supports clients as they discover their best pathways to realizing spiritual growth and ascension. As a teacher and coach, Reese works with clients to see their soul’s “road map,” nourish and access the divine within, and develop relationships with their spiritual guidance – including higher self. Reese specializes in mentoring light-workers who need assistance unpacking their highest potentials, teaching self-care to empaths, and guiding parents of psychic children.


Shamanic & Reiki Teacher
Vibrant Reiki

San Francisco, CA

Anna founded Vibrant Reiki in 2004, to teach folks how to live their own versions of a magical life, using the beautiful technologies of shamanism and reiki.  Anna used her degrees in biology and cultural anthropology as an environmental educator in Southern California, before spirit called her to the Bay Area to teach folks how to navigate the wild and wonderful world of…woo!  Anna’s main passions are teaching teachers and healing healers, with special emphasis on releasing trauma and welcoming joy.  She lives in the redwoods with the love of her life and their magical cat, quilts and crafts like the dickens, talks with river otters on the regular, can often be found walking and singing out on the land, and sends you all her love!  Woohoo!

Welcome, lightworkers!  Come play!

Join us Sept 17 and 24: $222 for 2 online video sessions

Join us Sept 17 and 24 + follow-up Q&A Nov 5: $333 for 3 online video sessions

Please note: registration closes on the full moon, Sept 13

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