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In 2020, Vibrant Reiki launches one of my big dreams: Teaching Teachers, Healing Healers.  This is the culmination of my 16 years of teaching healing arts, and running a successful practice in the Bay Area.  I’m beyond delighted about this, and am so excited to offer this immersive training!

Here’s the skinny:  we live in changing times.  It’s my belief that our beautiful planet needs as many gifted, dedicated, talented healers and teachers as possible, each bringing their unique gifts and skills into creation.  As we each serve our spiritual purpose here and help others find and live their own magical lives, we raise the vibration of creation, and support a healthy, thriving web of life.  Let’s DO this!

The broad overview of the program is this – I want to teach a small group of super dedicated, resilient, passionate, impeccable, brilliant healers and teachers what I wish I’d known as I built Vibrant Reiki to where she is today.  It’s possible to birth a successful healing practice, and have a happy and balanced life doing it!

For funsies, here are a few of Vibrant Reiki’s class graduations and circles (below).  Each of these classes and events has been a labor of love, and a true joy.  Teaching healing arts and running a healing practice is my passion, and I’d love to help you birth your own healing practice.  Welcome!

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Teaching Teachers, Healing Healers: Birth & Build Your Healing Practice
$9,999 over 9 months for 99 hours instruction (9 payments of $1,111 every month)
Max 9 students

Included in the course:

  • One full-day class meeting online, fourth Saturday of every month
    • 7/25, 8/22, 9/26, 10/24, 11/21, 12/19*, 1/23, 2/27, 3/27
  • One evening Q&A and check-ins, second Tuesday of every month
    • 8/11, 9/8, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/12, 2/9, 3/9
  • Reiki I training (distantly online 7/25, and optional in San Francisco 9/19-9/20)
  • Shamanic journeying skills (learn to speak directly with your helping spirits)
  • Individual shamanic clearing session via Energy Healing with Spirits
  • Marketing workshop by Bold Woman Brands (branding and marketing options)
  • Website share to Vibrant Reiki list of 3,000+ folks for graduates in good standing
  • 3 field trips, Time Capsules, Mastermind Groups, 9 ceremonies
  • Certificate of Completion and Sacred Stone Gift from Ahhhmuse (mailed to graduates)
  • 9 months attendance at The Shaman Circle in San Francisco (optional)
  • 9 months in the online reiki program Mentoring & The Moon (optional)

Time expectation and costs:

  • Expect 12 hours a month in class (full day Sat and one Tues evening, monthly)
  • Expect 10-15(ish) hours a month of homework and online meetings with coursemates
  • Expect program cost ($10K) + materials house-build for your sessions and classes ($1K)
  • NOTE: this program is designed to be demanding, in preparation for long-term success

Month-by-month overview (details for each month are further down this page):

  • month 1: reiki attunements, shamanic journeying, co-working, time capsules
  • month 2: self care, boundaries, shamanic clearing, support webs, structure
  • month 3: what makes your heart sing, call to service, mentors & models
  • month 4: shadow, resistance, self-sabotage, fears of failure & success
  • month 5: website, offerings, personal retreat, mastermind groups
  • month 6: pilot sessions & courses, infrastructure, your ‘house’
  • month 7: social media, marketing, platforms, networking
  • month 8: nuts & bolts, operations, content delivery
  • month 9: group launch, celebration, graduation



Before our adventure begins, each candidate is invited to meet with me via video for a 2-hour Entering The Crucible session (book at the end of this page), where we get to meet each other and say cheerful ‘howdy!’  This is your formal application to the program, and in our time together, we’ll:

  • learn what your modality, approach, and larger vision looks like
  • talk about places where you might anticipate needing support
  • perform a Power Animal Retrieval to support you and your budding business

A month before the course begins, I’ll invite candidates to answer the Crucible Questions, to help you refine your vision and get more clear about what your heart is calling you to create.  Both the Power Animal Retrieval (a spiritual ally who wants to help you birth your practice) and the Crucible Questions will serve you moving forward, whether or not my helping spirits share that the timing is right for you to be part of the first cohort.  This is an exciting time, where you get to plant dream seeds!

Please note: Entering the Crucible sessions are available between April and June, 2020 (book at end of this page), to allow me time to work with my helping spirits about right timing for candidates.



All of my work in the work is based in the two modalities that make my own heart sing – reiki and shamanism.  That means that not only will these two powerful healing arts forms be woven deeply into the program, but that the ultimate ‘yes’ into the program for each student in the forming group comes from my helping spirits.

PLEASE NOTE: you may be the best candidate in creation, my favorite person, and totally ready to go…and spirit may see ahead to what we can’t in 3D, and offer that a future group is a better fit, based on your trajectory and upcoming timeline.  If timing isn’t right, you’ll still have your new Power Animal and have moved through the intro exploratory process, to help propel you forward along your path.  As with all things in life, this course is about right timing…here we go!

master level


Still reading?  (grin)  Excellent!  Once prospective students have moved through the Crucible phase, we’re ready to dive in.  In our first month, students receive shoden (reiki I) level attunements with reiki teaching materials at our first class meeting, so that everyone in our circle can perform reiki self-treatments through the TTHH birthing process (super helpful as we clear blocks and challenges along the way).  If you live in the Bay Area or can visit, an in-person reiki I weekend class on Sept 19-20 is also included in your tuition.

The other technology we want to be sure to have on board is shamanic journeying skills, so that you can speak with your helping spirits and various other powers in creation to support you.  We’ll cover this on the first day of the course so everyone has basic journey skills.  Global students can take our self-paced course, Shamanic Journeying for Funsies, and students in the Bay Area can attend in-person Shaman Circles during the course.  However you learn to journey, this is an invaluable skill to have to walk with you in our 9 months together, and also for the rest of the life of your business.  We’ll journey a lot throughout the course!

We’ll set in place all of the container elements in our online day together, like co-working, time capsules, intention setting, various exercises, and of course an Opening Ceremony.  Expect that you’ll be asked regularly for our online full days together to have some ceremonial materials at the ready, and that part of our online days together will include a lunch-hour break offline, and ‘field trip exercises’ that get you off the computer screen here and there during our class meetings.  The adventure begins!



Before we even get into the visionary process of learning what we want to offer in the world, or the nuts & bolts of running a business behind the scenes, it’s imperative that we be sure of our own container.  Running a business – even when we’re playing with light-based healing arts – can be demanding, and having solid self-care practices in place before we start ‘doing’ is key.  Think ‘oxygen mask first!’

A next precursor to running a healing or teaching practice in a sane and balanced way is, of course, exploring boundaries.  You’ll hear me say many times ‘B is for Boundaries!’ because this is one of the best life-skills you can have as a solopreneur, where the work will never be done, there’s always something urgent to respond to, or even a hard no to deliver in a gentle and firm way.  We’ll look at how boundaries play out in our lives, what a healthy boundary is for you, and how to implement them.  This is core tech for the program.

Finally, we want to be sure our vehicle is in tip-top running condition before we set out on a long road trip, yes?  If we were taking a ride cross-country together, we’d be sure the oil is changed, the tires are full, and go through a car wash before setting out.  Similarly, each student is required to receive an individual shamanic clearing session (included as part of the program) with Gayle Revels, founder of Energy Healing with Spirits.

Gayle has a specialized focus in creation, and helps remove non-native energies and old energy dynamics that can hinder you in your birthing process.  PLEASE NOTE: Gayle’s helping spirits may offer that more than one session is required to help clear you, and that’s up to her, and the way she works, and this is outside of what’s covered in TTHH.  You might think of it this way: if you have an ancient vow to live in poverty that’s affecting you, we want to clear that up, and so forth.  One session probably isn’t going to clear up everything in your whole life (of course), but there are some main things Gayle will be watching for, to make sure you have your own clean and clear energy on board as we begin.  Clean, shiny vehicle for travel?  You bet!

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By now, you’re champing at the bit to git goin!  This is intentional – we wouldn’t build a huge, beautiful cathedral without some infrastructure first, yes?  This is why we spend the first two months getting set in a container as solid as possible for each of us, before we ‘begin the work.’  And, it’s time!

There is some mystical, ineffable something that has led you here, reading these words in this unfolding moment.  Some seedling of dream, some life calling, some spiritual purpose, some desire to serve and play and LIVE here planetside.  Indeed!  This third month moves us into deep exploration of what you want to do more than anything in creation, and how you might want to do that.

We’ll explore short, mid, and long-term ideas for whatever your birthing, and also look to see who and what is happening in your chosen field (it’s important that you be expert in your field).  There are several ways we’ll approach that, and you can expect a lot of personal work in month 3.  This is a good time to bolster yourself with massages, extra time with friends, and whatever you need to nurture as you call forth your own particular muse.  We’ll begin bringing your mentors on board, and also perform a beautiful and potent ceremony together, ‘A Call to Service!’



What deep dive would be complete without mindfully taking our shadow selves for tea and crumpets?  Whether or not we ‘like it,’ our baggage will dance with us into this course, and also into our beautiful businesses, which are by now busy little seeds deep in the earth, bursting with life force and vitality, as yet unseen.

We’ll explore what the shadow is, how that comes up for you, where you’re in resistance and major ways that might show up for you, and create shamanic art to transmute our patterns of self-sabotage.  There is a strong element of play in this month, where we work with some heavy material.  This is super important – if we are not aware of our shadow selves, and skip bringing them into our lives as teachers and helpful allies, we lose a powerful aspect of self that can turn from hindrance to helper.  Expect some ceremony this month, lots of journaling, and one solo field trip. (oh, the mystery!)



By now, we’ve brought Power Animals, reiki, and shamanic journeying on board.  We’ve undergone robust shamanic clearings, danced with our inner saboteurs, become (or started to become) experts in our fields, moved through several ceremonies, journaled like the dickens, begun to discover our personal callings and visions, and are deep in the alchemical process of becoming.  It’s TIME!

This month, students all produce web sites in alignment with their soul purpose, ethos, dreams, and missions here planetside.  Part of this process is exploration of what you want to offer in the world…and how you want to offer it.  This is where one of the true strengths of the program comes in – many minds are more beautiful and brilliant together than one creature noodling on something.  It takes a village, and we’ve spent months building one!

We’ll all help each other with peer review of each stage of our websites in a kind and loving way, and support each other in the face of the healing and teaching practices that are burgeoning, getting ready to step out on stage.  We’ll work in Mastermind Groups, to stay accountable and keep each other in motion, with some super-secret celebration tech to keep us in momentum.  Additionally, we’ll each create Declarations to launch in a daily way, to plant powerful seeds in our energetic fields.

Expect to spend some bucks and take some personal time away this month, in a powerful ritual of self-remembering and honoring.  There is a basic ‘ritual recipe’ component for your Solo Adventure this month, and we’ll work to personalize your own approach to this exercise.  This is a robust month, and we’ll balance the 3D with some succor for your spirit.  Climb aboard your unicorn…an adventure awaits!

trees green


Time to take the new car out for a test drive, yes?  Whether your model is individual sessions or group classes or something in between, you’ll engage friends and family in your piloting month.  Think of this as a dress rehearsal for future students and clients, where you test out your offerings to see what works for folks with honest feedback…and what works for YOU.  This may be a confronting month, where you actually put yourself out there.  Fortunately, you have the light of reiki, your shamanic helping spirits, a lot of exploratory self work under your belt, and a tribe to support you.  There’s perhaps some nervousness in this pilot phase, but also a ton of excitement!  It’s HAPPENING!

By default, this month will lovingly push you into exploring some 3D aspects of your infrastructure, like where you rent or hold space, what accoutrements mark your signature style, and how your first physical investments are going to look.  Expect to spend some bucks this month on creating ‘your house,’ the space that folks enter into and are containered by.  We’ll honor this milestone with a particular kind of Coming of Age Ceremony, which will bolster and strengthen you for years to come.  Get ready, creation…here we come!

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Did all of those words leave you jumping and leaping for joy?  Maybe yes, maybe no. (grin)  These ideas and ways of being are integral to the modern successful business-creature, and even if this isn’t your native tongue, we have the interpretive help of the incomparable Bold Woman Brands in NY to help us along the way.

We’re super lucky to receive a custom mini-workshop from Bold Woman Brands, created just for initiates in TTHH.  This branding and marketing workshop is included in your tuition, and is a powerful boost to get your website and offerings going.  Casey and Caitlin have decades of cumulative experience with branding and marketing, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, or stumble blindly in the dark…think of BWB and your Mastermind Group as helpful midwives, tending to your needs and cheering you on as you labor.  YOU GOT THIS!

It’s a huge blessing to have so many ways to connect in our contemporary time, and can also feel overwhelming or confusing.  Not to worry – there is a way forward that will be right for you (one size fits no one, after all), and the goal this month is to take baby steps to find it.

We’ll also begin to explore networking, and you can expect to spend some bucks this month hiring folks in your field for their time.  There’s a lot to this exercise, and we’ll discuss energy exchange, and different access levels of practitioners that you’ll most likely encounter in your chosen field.  This month, we’ll also be working in the spirit world to bolster support and bring folks to you – what we do in 3D is important, but what we do in non-ordinary reality is just as potent (if not more so)…we’ll take a double-pronged approach to bringing folks to you, now that you have a website up and have piloted and refined your offerings.  The end of our adventure is in sight by now, and you’re doing GREAT!

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There are basic nuts & bolts every business owner needs to know and be comfortable with.  There will be different fields in our group, and the requirements for a yoga teacher will be different than for a therapist, a shamanic practitioner, or a guide for vision quests.  Part of your invitation this month is to get even more expert in your field, through learning what’s required for you to hold your people safely and skillfully.

We’ll look at nutsy-boltsy goodies like bookkeeping, independent contracting vs incorporation, insurance, indemnification, state laws governing your field, client and student paperwork and agreements, tax filing, business licenses, DBA, copyrights, rental agreements, GDPR compliance, paid assistants, and so on.  Feeling excitement thrumming in your veins?  (twinkle)  This is an area where most folks in the beginning can feel a bit bewildered, but we’ll lay the basic structures in place for you, and you’ll be able to refine them in years to come.

This month, we want to be greasing the wheels for your entire operation to start grooving along, so that there is some solid content delivery by the end of the month (or at least an infrastructure to do so, depending on the mechanics of your field).  Feeling butterflies in the tummy?  You bet!  And, you are well held…you can DO this!

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Congratulations, graduates!  By now, your website is up, showcasing your offerings and welcoming folks into ‘your house,’ and you’ve begun to pilot your offerings…woohoo!  We’ll do a retrospective together to see how far we’ve come in our 9 months together, open our time capsules, and receive Gifts of Power from our helping spirits and allies.  We’ll celebrate each other’s successes, honor where we fell down and got up again, and spend some time looking at long-term structures to keep us aligned, healthy, and well as we continue to evolve and grow in terms of personal and planetary service.  WOOHOOOOOOO!

This month, students in good standing (meaning you’ve completed every aspect of the entire course, and have moved through the process in full) send me their websites and a precis of what they do, to be shared with the Vibrant Reiki community.  This means you get showcased in front of several thousand folks, and also offered an opportunity for listing on the Vibrant Reiki website as a graduate in good standing.  You are no longer a student…you are a cherished colleague, and the world is singing!  BRAVA!!

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Here’s the part where I actively want to scare off folks who aren’t ready and willing.  Sound funny?  Nope, indeed!  In my experience, there is a special tenacity that is required to succeed as as long-term healing arts teacher or healer.  This means being willing to take huge risks, push past points of endurance, keep going when everything seems impossible and overwhelming, and somehow continue doing your own personal work and serving others with relentlessness and joy…all while holding the boundaries you need to take good care of yourself and stay sane in the process and living your magical life.  Sound like a lot?  YOU BET!

That said, I’ll go on.  I can’t promise you success if you join this small group of intrepid adventurers.  The program will seem super expensive for some of you (been there myself), the time investiture will be hardcore, and many aspects of the program will require you to confront your own ‘stuff’ and move bravely through it.  You’ll spend a ton of money, a ton of time, a ton of ki, and a ton of heart energy.  You may do every darn thing that’s asked of you in the program…and still not succeed.  Oho!

One thing I’ve learned in my 16 years of running a healing arts business is that all successful colleagues have one unifying trait: we are ‘resilient as fluff!’  This is an Anna-ism, and I use it all the time!  The folks I want to train in TTHH read those two paragraphs above, gulped, and then smiled a little.  The folks I want to train read those two paragraphs, and found their inner resilient badass, who looks at 50 impossible tasks before breakfast, lifts a chin with a sparkle in the eye, and gets ready to tackle it.  The folks I want to train read those two paragraphs, considered the possibility of feeling knocked down again and again (in this course, and in your business long-term)…and getting up, and getting on your feet again and again.  Rinse, repeat!

autumn trees


Still here?  That was a lot to read through, and be with.  Brava!  Each healing arts teacher or healer interested in being part of TTHH can apply for the program with a two-hour Entering The Crucible session for consideration, below, offered in April, May, and June before the course begins.  Whether or not my helping spirits offer that your timing is right for the first cohort, this session is designed to help you and I both get clear on what you’re called to, where you might need extra support, and to retrieve a Power Animal specifically to help you as you birth your dream.

These sessions are a lot of fun – we’ll giggle and share and get up to good works together…I’m DELIGHTED to welcome you!

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